Sunday, July 13, 2008

Halfway There!

We are at 20 weeks this week... our official halfway mark! If we deliver this baby right on time (40 weeks, November 30th), that means we're already halfway done!
Here is a full baby (we just finished lunch) and a tired momma (packing, moving, cleaning, and getting ready for a craft show this weekend). We spent all day yesterday at the new house, waiting for some appliances to be delivered and doing more cleaning in the new house. I even got to leave the work to Matt and go by the pool for a little while and test run the new maternity bathing suit (yes, Aunt Alisa, I did have to just break down and buy one!)

The house is coming together, and we're really excited about it. The paint is done, and looks awesome in the baby room! I'm really excited about getting some things hung on the wall and getting the furniture put together in there. It's such a calm and sweet little space, I can't wait to bring our little bundle to come live in it.

Poor Pontouf had to stay in the kennel all day while we got things together down in Randleman yesterday. I'll be really excited when we finally get her down there so she can get used to the house and "meet" her new yard (which is what she'll be most excited about)! I know moving to a new house and then having a new baby around 4 months later will be a lot of adjustment for her, so I'm hoping she'll be able to handle it well. Actually, I'm hoping all of us will be able to handle it well! We've had a lot of big changes (or transitions as we love to call them in my family) this year, and I'm feeling really ready to just have some time for the dust to settle and to have a chance to enjoy these huge blessings God has given us.

PS!- I didn't even realize that the boy or girl vote wouldn't tell me who voted what, so if you'd like to divulge which gender child you are wishing on us :) we'd love to know! You can leave a comment or email and tell us. Thanks for playing along... we find out for sure first thing tomorrow morning!!!


Tara said...

Lindsey, you look great! I was twice your size by 20 weeks!!!

Congratulations on the new house and the new ministry. We are praying God's blessings on you!

And my vote is...a little girl! Can't wait to hear:)

Beth Anne said...

You are so cute!!!! You look fabulous. I vote girl & you better call me the moment you know! I'm charging my phone specifically for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. We have several new babies at Forest Park, most being girls. So, if I had my druthers, I'd like to see a little boy to even things out. But hey, I'm excited to see another family joining the work at Forest Park and know that God has a plan for the you guys and your new bundle...regardless! So, here's to counting the blessings we have! Welcome to the family and I look forward to working with you both.

Jeff (Music Director)

Alisa said...

CUTE BELLY PIC! I LOVE IT!!!! I've been staring at your belly now for an embarrassingly long time trying to decide if I think you're carrying low or not. I don't think you are....which leads me to continue with my original vote for GIRL! With that said, I would be excited to be wrong, of course, as Evan would like to have a boy cousin to play rough with. (: CAN'T WAIT!!! HURRY Monday HURRY!!! (: