Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, it has finally come... the day that gets overshadowed by excitement with a new house, busy-ness of packing, and panic over how quickly you have to get it all done until you almost forget that you do, in fact, have to... actually move. Pick up boxes and take them out of the house. Pick up a piano and take it out of the house and into a new one. That day finally came for us yesterday (and a little more this morning) and we are officially moving!

We're tired and sore, but incredibly grateful for our whole family that has helped in one way or another... the guys who have lifted all the heavy stuff, the girls who've helped me pack (trying not to make the boxes too heavy for the guys) and sent moral support by phone, Matt's mom bringing us breakfast this morning, and Matt's dad who is like a jigsaw puzzle worker when it comes to fitting every single thing into the truck. Thank you to you all!

Tonight will be our first full night sleeping in the new house, in a little bit of chaos, yes, but at least with all our posessions in one place (for the most part). Our phone and computer are in parts and pieces in one of these boxes somewhere, so if we don't get your email or call, we aren't ignoring you! You can always try our cellphones... we'll sound exhausted, but at least you'll get ahold of us! Besides, I hope all of you will be calling for directions so you can come visit! Hopefully the next post will be from the new house, with everything a little more settled and calm. I'm driving out today to meet Matt and the new house, and it will be my first time driving out there by myself... wish me luck, I have a notoriously terrible sense of direction!

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