Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Settled

So finally, here are the first pictures emerging from the new house as we work to get everything unpacked and settled! We've really been happy with how well it's turning out, and while a new house, new job, new town, and new friends is always a lot of 'new' all at once, we really feel God's provision with everything in the adjustment.

We don't have a mantle anymore (there's one of those giant hole things for the tv above the fireplace), so we did a bit of maneuvering and used the top of the piano instead. I figured this was a safe little spot to share since it's one of the only pretty and (almost) completely finished little corners of the living room! I love having so many family pictures all in one place.
Here's part of the back yard and deck with the grill waiting to cook and a swing waiting to be swung! Matt found out that our new yard is just a little bit bigger than our old one when it took him 3 hours and two water breaks in the heat today to get it all mowed!
Come visit soon, and I promise this nice clean guest bathroom will be waiting for you!
Right next door will be baby K's room as soon as I can get it all set up (notice the giant box of diapers already! And the big white tub, is, well, a baby bathtub.)
The rest, we'll just say, is a work in progress. My family moved enough growing up for me to know that there are always a few weeks after a move where you panic because you have no idea where something important is, and you just have to sit back and say it must be here somewhere. We're pretty much in that stage right now, trying to be patient as it all comes together. I got all of our pantry stuff put away yesterday, and we went on a big grocery run today, so that helps. There's nothing like a cold coke in the fridge and some chips in the pantry to make a place feel more homey. Plus, we're getting our mail here, which is exciting to me. I'm always worried they'll mess that up somehow in the whole mail transfer process.

We're heading back into Raleigh tomorrow for just the afternoon so that I can go to the Kid's Exchange consignment sale at the fairgrounds, which I'm pretty excited about! This will be my first time going as a mom (to be) and I can't wait to see what kind of cool cheap stuff we can stock up on for the wee one!


Alisa said...

Looks great guys!! It was fun shopping for baby K this morning! (: Lindsey, you just have to slip up one of these days!!!

Beth Anne said...

It looks gorgeous!! I can't wait to visit!