Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking Photos

As most of you already know, Matt and I really enjoy photography, not only as a hobby but a creative passion. There's something so cool to me about picturing the world in a certain way in your mind, and then trying to convey that to others through a photo. Sometimes you get exactly what you were going for, and sometimes the photo itself completely surprises you! Luckily, we were able to buy some decent camera equipment a year or two after we got married, and also were given some good lenses by a family friend that added to our collection. Also luckily, we have family and friends (especially a very photogenic niece and nephew) that are willing subjects as our "guinea pigs" as we learn more and practice and have fun taking photos! We've also shot some paid gigs- a family member's wedding, a friend's wedding, and Matt did a 50th anniversary party and some portraits awhile back. Here are some favorites from the last 3 or 4 years:
Our niece, Ansley, playing in a little pool in her backyard... she was telling us the water was cold! (by M)

Our nephew, Evan, playing on the swings at the park... we have such little pottery barn baby models in the family! (by M)

Newborn baby Evan (and his momma's hand)- we took some shots for his baby announcement. (by M)

The classic hands-and-rings shot from Steve and Cindy's wedding! (by M)

A bit of newlywed fun at the Coulson-Rook wedding! (by L)

Little flower girl Ansley at Steve and Cindy's wedding. (by L)

Ansley attacking a fudgesicle on the porch at the beach... we can't help it, this kid is always doing something fun to photo! (by M)

My absolute favorite of Pontouf! She's pretty photogenic too. (by L)

Ok, so I get a bit carried away when trying to pick favorites. We just always have a blast, and they all have fun and happy memories of different trips and events and occasions. Sometimes the exact shot you want is right there and it's just a matter of 'catching' it before it's gone, but for the most part Matt and I have worked out a great system. A lot of times he takes almost all of the pictures, while I'm running around fixing a dress just so, making sure a kiddo doesn't fall off the swing, etc, or feeding him ideas, saying "try it from over here!" "The light is perfect by this window!" "Oooh, try this angle over here!" We're pretty good about trading off control enough so that we both get the shots we see.

We went to a great park in Greensboro a week or two ago, to get some pictures of our pastor's daughter Hannah, and her brother and cousin jumped in for a few too. Her grandma wanted one of those classic beautiful little-girl-white-dress shots for her 7th birthday. We had a blast, took TONS of pictures, and here's some of the best shots of the day. These are some gorgeous kiddos!
Hannah and her baby cousin Nevaeh.
Hannah and Caleb show a little brotherly/sisterly love!
Little wildman Caleb takes a rest.

There's a link to more of our photos on the sidebar to the right!

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Bedeilia said...

OK so you guys the brogli's are hired to take my next set of headshots...hmmm lets see, can we set an apt. sometime in April 2009? do you have an opening darlings? mom and babe will be settled..Dad will have his wife back to normal (almost) and be relaxed. sound good?? :)love you guys, what a talent, they look gorgeous...and I am serious about the headshots.