Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a difference a month makes...

22 weeks/end of 5 months pregnant:
27 weeks pregnant/starting 7 months pregnant:
So, I can tell from these pictures why I'm suddenly feeling so big! I knew it would be towards the end that just a week or two would make a big difference, but it's crazy to be growing so fast! Amazingly enough, nothing that I'm wearing in these two pictures are maternity clothes. I tried to replicate the outfits for comparison sake, but the black tshirt from the first picture doesn't fit anymore. Hurray for stretchy waistbands and I think that tank top is just a size up from what I normally would wear. Pants are usually the problem. If anything is the least bit tight in the waistband, it hurts and gives me awful indigestion. I live for the stretchy gauchos (and the chewable berry Tums)! I tell everybody I feel like a high school dance teacher all the time now, because I'm almost always wearing flowy pants and a flowy shirt. It's starting to seem crazy to think that I will get even bigger than this!

We had our first checkup (26 weeks) in Greensboro on Tuesday with our new doctor, who is amazing. She's young, incredibly friendly, and graduated from University of Kentucky, so you know she had an immediate fan in Matt. We thought she was completely awesome, and though the practice is smaller than what we were going to at Rex in Raleigh, but lots friendlier and there are more doctors that do deliveries, which is great! We'll deliver with whoever is on-call whenever the baby comes, but I'm hoping it will be our doctor, since we liked her so much (and she's only one of three women in the I think 9 doctor practice).

Starting week after next I'll be doing my glucose test and going to the dr. once every 2 weeks instead of once every month. So far we are still ridiculously healthy and right on track! We can't wait to meet this little one!

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