Monday, August 25, 2008

Pontouf's Rough Week

We've been really impressed with how well Pontouf has adjusted to the new house and the move. Other than being completely afraid of our garage door opening and closing, she hasn't really had any issues. She still loves to curl up and snuggle with us, but usually if we are running around doing things around the house, she will follow us around everywhere we go. If we park it in one room she'll find some other little place to curl up. She still definitely loves snug, dark places like a little cavedweller.

For example, in the closet.
Or under the computer desk:

Also, recently she's been getting into a few places that she's not usually allowed, such as curling up on the couch,
and most days when I get out of the shower, I find her curled up on our pillows.
You can tell from that little face that she knows she's getting away with something. Such a spoiled girl! (ps- that brown thing is the other comforter. I just realized how strange it looks in this picture).

I guess I've been a little more lenient than usual to try and help her adjust. Matt and I felt really bad for her last week because it seemed like bad things kept happening to her, and I'm sure she didn't understand it. We used to take her to PetSmart to get her nails trimmed, but we don't have one close by anymore and they had already told us that we weren't getting it done often enough, so we bought our own clippers to start doing it ourselves. It turns out 8 bucks a trip is worth it once you've acidentally cut the cuticle on one of your dog's nails... it bleeds like crazy, she yelps because it hurts, and you feel like a horrible pet parent! It might be silly, but she spent the rest of the day with a bandaid on her toe (mostly for the sake of our carpet).
A day or two later, she and I were outside for a little while when she got stuck in a branch of a prickly bush that we didn't even know was there. The branch was stuck horizontally from one ear across the top of her head to the other cheek. She was shaking her head in pitiful little shakes trying to get it off, and it just got stuck even more. I grabbed it, thinking I could ease it off her, but the prickles on it were not straight but little hooks that were hooking her skin, and also into me where I was holding it, trying to get it off. When it stuck into her face, almost in her eye, I starting yelling for Matt to come help me and between the two of us, we got it off of her without too much damage other than a few little scabs in her ear from the hooks. They were painful enough stuck into my fingers, I felt so bad for her having them stick in her face and ears!
Needless to say she is a tough little cookie, and we have been giving her extra love to make up for a rough week!

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