Thursday, August 7, 2008

VBS Games

Matt has come up with some really wild and crazy games for the youth during VBS. Typically, we have an opening assembly with all the classes together, then they all split off for their activities. The youth usually does music, then a game, then listens to a message (with a coke and a snack), then we meet up with the rest of the kids for a quick closing assembly. The games have been a ton of fun and a great way to get to see these kids' personalities shine!

The Marshmallow Toss:
We split into teams and the goal of this one was to throw as many chocolate-sauce covered marshmallows as you can to your partner... they had to catch them in their mouths, and whoever had the most 'cleaned off' marshmallows at the end won!
The marshmallowy goodness!

Beginning to chuck 'em!
Casey lost his head protection.
Micheal goes for the gold! How's that for an action shot!
Izzy destroys some marshmallow evidence.
Chase shows the messy aftermath!

Bobbing for Doughnuts:

The goal of this one was for your blindfolded partner to try to eat a doughnut hanging by a string without using their hands, and you could only help them with verbal directions. Whoever could eat their doughnut the fastest, without it falling on the floor, won!
Dillon went to extra efforts to prevent cheating with his hands!
Drew's doughnut was swinging in circles!
Nathan just couldn't quite get it!
Chase puts up the good fight!

Even though we've obviously had a blast with these really creative games, each night Matt has also given a really energetic lesson, teaching the kids to read deeper into some of the Bible verses they've probably seen all their lives and just glazed over the true meanings of. It's amazing to me to see how much more the verse says when you know some of the Greek words that were used for the translations of the Bible that we have today. Because Matt has studied the Greek in seminary, he's able to really illuminate the deeper meanings of the verses! We've already seen one of our youth commit his life to Christ, and we can't wait to see what God does with the rest of the week!

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