Monday, November 24, 2008

Family and Friends at the hospital

I have planned to upload at least a handful of pictures to our flick'r website later this week when my sleep deprived state becomes (at the very least) more of a habit or less and less as Kenna settles into a routine. Either way, I'm so thankful for God's provisions for our healthy girl and for Lindsey's continued healing and amazing attitude. "Thankful" falls dreadfully short to describe how we felt about all our visitors that made the effort to get to the hospital. I'll miss out on many if I try and name them all, (see sleep deprived state mentioned above) but here are a few of the pictures we took throughout the day.
Mere minutes after she was born, Nana Brogli was anxious to hold our new little one and Grandgraddy (as Ansley calls him) didn't pass up up the opportunity either.
Early Sunday morning, Jason and Alisa arrived and they stayed for a few wonderful hours where we visited and simply enjoyed being a 7lb 13 oz bigger family.
Evan came a couple of hours later, but I unfortunately missed my sweet buddy by mere minutes while I was running home to grab a much needed shower and a few things we needed from home.
When I returned from that much needed shower, Leanne, Sandy, Ansley and Beckley were there, along with Mom and Dad. Beckley had his dedication in Raleigh that morning and then they were sweet enough to drive all the way down here to see Kenna. We have amazing familes to say the least.
And of course we had to get the first full grandkids shot.
After my side of the family headed home, many of the members of our sweet church came to meet our little one and congratulate us. It warmed my heart to see so many different people have the same reaction to my daughter's face. Some cooed, some asked to hold her, some hugged their own spouses (I LOVED THAT!), but all smiled. They smiled at our blessing and I got to thank God, because at the moment he made our miracle, he blesses everyone around that miracle with joy and hope. Joy for what HE has done, and the hope for all that HE will continue to do.
Today we departed home with our blessing and we'll just have to see what's next...

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Beth Anne said...

ahhh, I LOVE the pictures!!! I can't wait to meet Kenna this weekend :)