Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and Birthday Week!

We had planned that if Kenna came before Thanksgiving, we would drive into Raleigh to spend Thanksgiving with our families... since she arrived on the 23rd, it worked out perfectly to drive our little 4 day old bundle to see her grandparents and cousins!
Matt's parents put on a delicious spread of all our favorites, and we stuffed ourselves as usual! They also were sweet enough to practically make double of everything so there would be lots of leftovers for us to take home. We've been eating them for the past several days and it's so nice to not have to cook!

Later in the evening, Kenna got to meet her great Grandma Dean for the first time, and had the honor of visiting with both of her great grandmothers at the same time:
It's so special to me to see how excited they both are and how much they love their sweet great-grandbaby! We have enjoyed having Grannie stay with us this week, and hearing lots of baby stories about everyone in the family. We're getting spoiled having her help, especially since she keeps us fed, doesn't mind getting up early, and loves our sweet girl!
The sleep deprivation is hitting Daddy worst of all... I think God makes Moms so fascinated with their babies, a they are mostly in a love fog with the baby anyways, so a little extra sleep deprivation fog doesn't matter. I laughed so hard when he gave me a birthday card this morning that said happy birthday "even though we may be sleep deprized" ...I think that says it all!

Kenna's gift to me on my 25th birthday today was the biggest blowout of poop she's had so far. Matt went to change her and had to call Grannie and me in for back up... we ended up having to strip her down and clean her off in the sink! The good part is, that means she's eating right which is a relief to me after struggling a bit in these early days of nursing. No matter what, she is the best present I have ever gotten by far, birthday or not!
We didn't plan much for this birthday, since we're all pretty exhausted from having a six day old babe around. Matt got cupcakes when our plan for ordering a cake fell through, and I realized we literally did not have a single birthday candle except for the individual number ones from Matt's cake last year... so I stole the 2 and improvised my own 5:
Believe it or not, in all the picture taking, we did not get a picture of the three of us on our first Thanksgiving. Our attempts to take one today to make up for it were really disappointing... I guess the "photographers" of the family can't all be in a picture at the same time! Kenna was not a fan, and we just look soooo tired no matter what we do!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Creech Family said...

Thanks for letting us crash in on your birthday, hold sweet Kenna, and visit with you all. Tell Matt thanks for the tire change - we made it home slowly but safely! I had the tire changed out today and they said it had a weak spot inside - amazing that it just "happened" in your drive instead of causing us a wreck or at least major headaches on the road. Hope you're all getting some sleep. We will take Kenna anytime you want! Take care and give each other hugs from us -
-Mrs ("Granny") C!

Beth Anne said...

I'm so, so sorry tthat we missed your birthday :( Turns out I have a double-ear infection, something in my sinuses, & loads of asthma trouble. Yay for picking up disgusting diseases in the ER!

We will plan a trip to come see you SOON! Love you!