Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on all 3 of us

We are still on high baby alert here, with lots of anxiousness and the last-minute crush of trying to plan for the unplan-able and wait at the same time. Even though I'm tired at night, I have a hard time going to bed because I think of all the things I still need to get done... make overnight plans for Pontouf while we're in the hospital, call the pediatrician, finish the last little bit of packing for my overnight bag (which requires laundry, of course), and even getting a few things ready for Christmas while it still feels like I can. I'm feeling a rush of mental energy, but not so much the physical.

38 weeks:
(The giant smile is because it was warm enough wear the one other pair of pants that fit other than my jeans!)

A good friend told me she thinks the last few weeks are more stressful than the whole 9 months put together. I'd have to agree because I think this is the only major life event so far, other than my mom's death, that has had a huge impact on every aspect of my life and yet has been completely out of my control and that in the end I haven't been able to plan for! Plus, there are lovely 9 month indignities that they don't really tell you about, such as losing your balance when you put on your own underwear, and it taking 10 minutes to put on your shoes as if you're 3 years old again. The very worst this week has been the severe back pain. Right now my little one is kicking and flipping so hard, it's as though she might try to break out.

I have to brag on Matt a little bit- he has been wonderful to still take care of me and try his hardest to weather my snappy moods, random crying, and occasional whining, while being in pain and discomfort himself. He's had really bad knee pain since the car accident we were in, and had xrays and an MRI done last week to check it out. We were told by the orthopedist that it's most likely a torn ACL, but go back this week to find out hopefully for sure and possibly discuss the option of surgery if need be.

Between weekly doctor appointments for the both of us, we managed to take a few fun maternity shots out in the beautiful fall leaves, something both of us had wanted to do for awhile. Next time I think I'll try harder to do it before I'm quite so big! I'm excited to have a few pictures showing that K is an autumn baby, and I have to also brag on Matt for how pretty they turned out.


Katie said...

Lindsey, you look so beautiful! I love the last photo the best. Thanks for your lovely note!

Beth Anne said...

The pictures are beautiful & we are waiting for news of Baby K very axiously :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey you look beautiful in your white and so happy we can't wait for Kenna to get here and we can spoil her. She will be so loved and one of God's little ones. we are so excited and waiting for the call.
Please know you are loved.
Mom and Dad

Creech Family said...

How beautiful both girls are :) !! These will be very special to little K in years to come, I know! Praying that you have a very restful and yet exciting few days ahead as you prepare to be one of the best moms and dads that have ever been!
BTW, I like your playlist - we each have one! - and EK's clogging recital song is the Josh Turner song on your list!
Keep us updated - Praying for all three of you -
-"Mrs C"