Tuesday, March 23, 2010

16 Months!

Kenna turned 16 months today, and apparently decided to take it as a chance to meet several new milestones at once! She's been taking a few steps here and there, cruising between furniture, standing alone, and pushing her rolling toys around for several weeks now, but had yet to "take off." We knew when she did, there would be no stopping her (although I still maintain that her walking will be slower for awhile than her crazy-fast crawling)! I went to a women's event at school last night (which was a blast by the way!) and came home not two hours later to find my girl walking all over the house! And to say she was proud of herself was a major understatement!

I told Matt we weren't allowed to call her a toddler until she was officially toddling, and I guess I have to admit that day has come. I'll go ahead and be cheesy and say it feels like just yesterday we were taking little videos of her finally crawling, and it feels like she's officially not a baby anymore. Here is our big girl in action!

She also took us by surprise by learning how to climb the stairs. She climbed up to the third one and got stuck:
As you can see, she wasn't too happy about it. Neither were we when we came around the corner to find her up there!

We also have been going up to Daddy's work to meet him for lunch whenever our schedules match up. Usually we get a little Chick fil A on free kid meal day (Tuesday) and trade our toys for free ice cream!
The other day when the weather was so nice, we brought lunch to him and had a picnic in the car with the windows rolled down. Matt let Kenna sit in the front seat and she had a blast "driving" the car with him. Apparently our not-so-wee-one is 16 months going on 16:
We made the classic parent mistake of letting her play with all the fun buttons on the dashboard, and then when we got back to the car, the battery had died because she had left the lights on without us noticing. Luckily, we were parked right outside of Matt's work and he was able to come save us!

And still further proof that she thinks she is all grown up, here is a photo our friend Jen sent us of Kenna stylin' in her hat at the Thursday night childcare she goes to while we're in class:
What a big, big girl. My little love has not been listening when I tell her to stay little!

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Jenn & David said...

don't they grow up way too fast?!?! Way to go about the new milestones Kenna!! :)