Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matt!

***Edited to add: I forgot to mention it originally, but according to our little "ticker" in our side column, on Matt's birthday we had been married for 5 years, 5 months, and 5 days! How cool is that? Praise the Lord for a happy marriage!***

Yesterday was Matt's birthday, and we had a really good day celebrating him! We knew that with his birthday falling on a Sunday this year that it would be a really busy day, but we made some time for a little fun too. We started out the morning at Sunday school and church, and then headed out to Red Hot and Blue for some good barbeque for lunch with Matt's family (I got busy feeding Kenna and myself and forgot to take a picture). After lunch, we had a quick pit stop at home for some birthday cake!

I had asked Matt at the last second if he wanted his cake "in the shape of something" and he answered Pilot Mountain. Now, we have made some strange and interesting cakes for each other over the years, but this was a bit of a strange request to me. But I was ready for the challenge! I found this beautiful picture of Pilot Mountain to work from:
It's one of Matt's favorite places because it holds fun memories of his rock climbing days. I love when people discover this photo of Matt hanging upside down off the mountain at Pilot (it's hanging among some other photos in our dining room). I think it's so cool that someone was able to catch this photo of him in action.
We've also been to Pilot together a couple of times. This was in 2006 on our way to some good friends' wedding:
And here's how the cake turned out... unfortunately, I thought it looked a little like a leprechaun hat, but Matt loved it and it tasted delicious! We'll call that a win.
We treated ourselves to a little Starbucks on the way back to church for the evangelism class Matt has been teaching. Kenna seemed to be a fan of the Strawberries and Cream frappuchino!
(PS- terrible picture of us, but apparently I had just said something funny! The big red thing on Kenna is one of my scarves that I wore at Christmas, and it has been her absolute favorite thing to play with in the car ever since, so we just left it in there. It seriously can entertain her for hours!)

We were tired after church and decided to take home some take-out... and Matt made the good call to get a pizza from Mellow Mushroom. Who am I to argue with the birthday boy? Mellow Mushroom is the most delicious pizza, and they opened up right down the street in Wake Forest, so we don't even have to drive downtown anymore.
We ended the evening with a great movie (of course!) and a little more birthday cake (of course!). Happy Birthday, Babe! We love you Daddy!

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Jenn & David said...

what a special day!! And I love the cake, Lindsey. You did a great job!