Friday, March 26, 2010

How We Roll

We recently cleaned all the photos off of our cellphones, and found some pretty funny (and some pretty old!) random fun pictures of Kenna. These seemed to have a bit of a theme...

passed out in the stroller (this was in Borders this past summer while Matt was meeting with someone for coffee and I was trying to keep Kenna happy around the store. She had finally passed out!)
feeling pretty hardcore about getting a big girl car seat for her first birthday:
and testing out the car grocery carts at BJ's while we shopped:


Tara said...

So cute!!! Your cell phone takes clearer pictures than mine:)

PS. Ran into Matt tonight at Staples. It was so good to see him!!! I told him to give you a hug so please make sure to hold him to it.

PSS. I just remembered: I think I left my memory stick with him at Staples...Uh oh!

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