Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day weekend started out on Saturday night when Matt and Kenna cooked me a steak dinner! They also gave me flowers and a beautiful coffee mug (given to me the day before so that I could have it for my coffee on Sunday morning). Matt said that since Kenna and I have breakfast/coffee time together pretty much every morning, he thought it would be a good way to celebrate me as a mommy- it also has a lovely verse from Proverbs on it. I love it, and have used it each time I've had coffee since then!
I got to pick out my own flowers from Fresh Market, but Matt said I picked the ones he would have picked for me because they looked "a little antique-y." Oh how well my love knows me. And after I put them in my favorite green vase (extra special on Mother's Day since it was given to me by my mom) they matched my new coffee cup!
On Mother's Day morning, Kenna woke up a little worse from a cold she had had the past few days, and we decided she didn't need to be exchanging those germs with other little folks in the nursery. Matt had to go teach Sunday school, so I stayed home with her. It seemed appropriate somehow to stay home with a sick little one on Mother's Day. I love being her mom, rain or shine.

Matt had to work for the rest of the day, and he knew I was feeling a little sorry for myself that other than a great family dinner with the Brogli side, we didn't get to spend the day as a family. So, wonderful husband that he is, he took me later in the week to get some plants for our front porch. He worked to hang hooks so that we could hang planters, and also chased a cranky Kenna around for at least an hour while I looked at probably every single flower Lowe's had to offer. I am so happy with how it looks now! We were joking that now our front porch finally looks like someone lives here again:
I am a notorious plant-killer, so I am working hard to "mommy" these plants to a long and happy life! I just realized while uploading these pictures that the green plant stands were also inherited from my mom- doubly special!
And we picked out matching hanging ones for the ferns:
Kenna stayed fairly occupied playing in the fountains in the outdoor "greenhouse" area of Lowe's (taken on Matt's cellphone). If there is ever water to splash in, this girl will find it!

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Tara said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I thought about you so much, but am so glad that you were able to be pampered as a Mom to Kenna, though I know the void of your mom is sorely missed. Love the coffee mug and all the plants you picked out!