Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer Strawberries!

One of the things I've been excitedly waiting for Kenna to be old enough to do is go picking strawberries. My brother and I used to do this with my Mom, and I have fond memories of her buying a tub of cool whip for us to dip the strawberries in. It was always in the summer, so we'd be hot and sunshine-sweaty with the car windows down, eating fresh strawberries straight from the bucket all the way home.

Luckily, Kenna has a Granddaddy with an awesome backyard garden, which he planted full of strawberries for his three strawberry-loving grandchildren, and invited us over to pick some. I can't think of anything better than bare feet, sundresses, little hats, and eating our fill of strawberries right off the plant. It was a good, hot, fun, very summer-feeling afternoon that made for some very cute pictures of our little strawberry picker:
Whew... this 'working the field' thing is hard work! (And a little tough on the bare feets apparently).
Better rehydrate.
And here is our bounty that we promptly went home and ate on top of some shortcake! Can't you almost smell them? They were so good.
We were hot and tired, but had so much fun! We can't wait for summer!


Mary Lindsey said...

AMAZING!!!!! I want some!!! :-) How cool to have these memories... you are such a fun mama :-D

Joanne Amos said...

That is so Precious! Thank you for the wonderful pictures of LOVE!