Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quickie Beach Trip!

Last weekend Matt had Sunday and Monday off of work, so we hopped in the car to Topsail Beach for a quick two day trip. We have been wanting to go back down for weeks now that the weather has been nice, and are so blessed to be able to stay at Granddaddy and Nana B's beach house.

On Sunday, the weather was a little windy and rainy, so we started with some pancakes at the Beach Shop & Grill where Kenna discovered a deep love for maple syrup.
Mommy and this big independent girl got a few essentials at the little grocery store (which by the way is the same store my grandmother used to take me to when we came here when I was a little girl!)
Then in the afternoon it was nice enough to take a long walk on the beach all the way down to the pier. We had brought our "new" jogging stroller (a neighbor was giving it away for free after it didn't sell at a yardsale, and we snagged it!) so Kenna was able to enjoy the walk with us. She thought it was a blast to ride through the water and have it splash up on her (Pontouf thought it was pretty great too!)
Kenna was not quite so sure about walking on the sand. It was really windy, so that made it a little harder- but she still seemed to like exploring the sand and sea shells. We took this little video of her, you can hear how windy it was!

Even though she rode in the stroller the majority of the time, I think our walk wore her out. We came back to the house and she slept on the couch in a fort of pillows for a good long time.
On Monday we woke up to beautiful sunshine, so we put on bathing suits, played out in the sand, put our toes in the cold water, and unfortunately didn't take any pictures.

We always love the beach, and short trips are never long enough! We can't wait to go back soon!

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Jenn & David said...

Love the beach shop grill! so glad you all were able to get away for a bit!