Sunday, May 23, 2010

18 Months!

Kenna turned 18 months old today... officially a year and a half old... so much closer to being 2 years old and already such a toddler!!! I know all parents say this, but it really is hard to believe.
Here are some of the fun things she's up to (aka the "don't forget to write this stuff in the baby book" list):

-climbing stairs & trying to open doorknobs

-starting to run & loves to be chased!

-several words: oh no, mama, dada, uh oh, wow, woah, yay, oww (as in ouch), no, nana (banana), dog, and "ahh pee" (more please- she says it when she makes the sign)... and the answer to every question is yeah or yep!

-loves books, bathtime, phones and remote controls, shoes, dogs, and anything that plays music

-can feed herself fairly well with a spoon & fork, and is loving all the new stuff she can eat with her 6 little teeth!

-understands simple commands (usually give it back to mommy, please! haha)

-can put her shoes on (usually on the right feet!)

-blows kisses with a big MUAH! sound

-loves water and anything she can splash in, including the rain!
She's very much into the getting-into-things stage... she loves to pull everything out of a cabinet, dump things out of a bucket, pull all the movies off the shelf, etc. We are still working on learning the putting-things-back and cleaning up part.
I love the mix of independence and need at this age. My little girl who can climb all the way up the stairs by herself knows who to come to when she wants us to open something for her or just for some hugs. She's been very clingy to me for the past few weeks, and refuses to let Matt put her to bed, so that has become our sweet little snuggle time. When we say night night, she knows it is time to blow kisses and wave bye to Daddy.
It's just so incredible to get to watch her grow. She has lost some of her "baby fat" and is looking much more like a toddler. She has gotten so tall and still has that red hair (complete strangers comment on it all the time) and a sassy temper to match! We love this wild and sweet little one so much!


Alisa said...

ohmyword! Can she be any cuter?!! She really is turning into a toddler, isn't she? Oh how I wish Nana could see that she has TWO red headed granddaughters. How her cup would overflow! I remember visiting Clearwater for Grannie and Pop Pop's 50th Wedding Anniversary and commenting on the picture of the redheaded girl hanging on the bedroom wall. Your mom told me she loved that picture and always wanted to have a redheaded granddaughter. (; Now she has TWO! I LOVE IT!!!

Tara said...

What a sweet post! Love all the pictures that you took. She is one mighty cute little girl!

Autumn said...

That first picture is priceless!! Adorable!