Monday, April 14, 2008

On to Happier Things:

I came across one of those 'tag you're it' surveys, so I thought it would be fun to tell just a little more of our exciting (I guess?) past lives, and forcing Matt to do it with me! Don't worry, we will tag others at the end!

4 jobs that I have had:
bank teller
-lifeguard/swim instructor
-customer service representative (aka phone-answerer)
-HR receptionist for Wake Co. Public Schools
-Certified Pool Operator and Lifeguard for the YMCA
-Department Manager for The Home Depot
-Real Estate Agent
-Rock Climbing Instructor

4 movies I've watched more than 10 times:
The Devil Wears Prada
-Joe Vs. the Volcano
-Steel Magnolias
-It's a Wonderful Life (Christmas tradition, baby!)
-To Catch a Thief
-Tommy Boy
-The Sting
-Joe vs The Volcano

4 places that I lived:
Fort Hood, TX
-Woodbridge, VA
-Raleigh, NC
-Lille, France
Raleigh, NC
-Wake Forest, NC
-Nicholasville, KY
-Tehran, Iran

4 TV shows I watch:
America's Next Top Model (I can't pass up a re-run)
-What Not to Wear
-Battlestar Gallactica (let the Nerd comments commence)
-Dirty Jobs
-Firefly (May it R.I.P)

4 Places I've visited:
Paris, France
-Glasgow, Scotland
-Prague, Czech Republic
-Rome, Italy
-Bangkok, Thailand
-Instanbul, Turkey
-Paris, France
-Kunming, China

4 People that email me regularly:
Matt (although we text more than email)
-my Dad
-our daily Bible verse thingy
-Beth Anne
-Lindsey's Dad
-Matt Creech
-Sandy Edwards (my brother-in-law)

4 of my favorite foods:
-Doritos (just being honest. I can tear into a bag like there's a prize at the bottom!)
-pretty much any type of pasta
-mexican food
-Blackberry or Peach cobbler
-Chicken and dumplings
-Steak or Barbeque (let's face it----Meat rocks my socks off)
-Macaroni and cheese

4 places that I would like to visit:
-Southern France
-Southern France

4 things that I am looking forward to in the coming year:
finding a church home to serve in
-Matt and I growing as a family
-possibly moving and buying a new house
-hopefully going to the beach or Bele Chere festival this summer
-Serving God in the church of His choosing
-Lindsey and I growing as a family
-Buying a new home
-Losing a bit of weight- see favorite foods above :)

4 people that we tag:
Jason and Alisa
-Beth Anne and Doug
-Mrs. Creech
-Brian and Mandy

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