Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Great Decision (Baby Edwards Update)

***Another mini-update on 5/2- Leanne had another ultrasound, and she is doing great! The cysts at the base of the baby's brain (what they thought may be a marker for Trisomy-18) have shrunk almost by half their size! Praise the Lord! Also, the contractions she's having are not preterm labor, and the surgery she had early in pregnancy seems to be holding up well. Thank the Lord for a healthy baby and sister! Thank you for your prayers!***

We can't imagine what a difficult decision it was for Leanne and Sandy to weigh whether or not to have the next test because 1) it had such a large percentage of being a false positive for Trisomy-18 (over 20%), 2) it could kill the baby to run the test, 3) there was nothing they could change if they found out the baby did in fact have the disease. I talked to Sandy today and they have decided that they will not have the test run and instead will wait and trust that God will provide for their needs as they arrive either way. I'm so very thankful for all of your prayers and for your support. I thank God for a family with many Christians and also for such a large extended family of Christians, brothers in sisters in the faith that we have never met, yet intercede on our behalf. Thank you for your prayers!

PS-check out the countdown! Our baby has a visible face and hands and feet now... we've officially moved out of the tadpole/alien/fossil stage and actually look like a baby!

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Creech Family said...

We will continue to pray for them, the health of Leanne and the baby as well as you and yours! Take care!