Friday, May 2, 2008

Going Fishing!

In the Brogli family, we don't take a lot of vacations. The family occupations cover a whole range of possibilities for employment that include real estate agents, doctors, firefighters, railroad workers, engineers, construction workers, Wal-mart employees, factory workers, farmers, vetrinarians, but somewhere amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, we find the time to come together and fish once a year at a little place called Watts Bar, TN. Every year, 15 or more guys cram themselves into a deluxe hotel room at a fishing resort from the 60's and we play games like Hand and Foot (an addictive card game) and "who can snore the loudest" (my cousin Billy Laire usually wins that one). Usually Sandy goes with us, but this year, due to complications with work, he was unable to attend. He was missed on the trip and I always enjoy talking with him, but we understood that with his new job came some HUGE new responsibilities. It was also good to spend some time alone with my Poppa though. With the uncertainties of where we will be living this time next year, leaving my gainful employment with my parents, and the idea of not seeing him on a regular basis, it was awesome to go on the trip. I got to talk to him about being a dad (since I'm going to be one! Woo!), life on the farm, stories about life, fishing, being a Christian, and just being a man I'd be proud to know. He's an awesome teacher when I'm not being too proud or stubborn to listen to him. The trip is called a fishing trip, which I am AMAZING at, however, I am not so great at the catching part and the trip always turns out to be about a great deal more than fish.

We usually congregate and swap stories early in the morning before heading out while we all eat.
At the top is a picture of my 5lb White Perch. I caught a catfish that was also comparable and a 20lb Carp off the dock one day too. We primarily fish for Crappie, but catfish are the most fun to catch, because they put up the best fight. Of course, we eat what we catch and fish just tastes like fish once it's fried. You don't say, "mmmm, that was a delicious crappie."

The view on the way out of the cove the marina and resort are in early in the morning.

Me and my Dad before our drive back.

So that was my trip this past weekend! It was a lot of fun, but I'm SO glad to be home with my beautiful Lindsey and my happy-go-lucky little dog.

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