Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random Musings...

Sometimes it's fun when you have a blog just to share some random thoughts about life/yourself that maybe you wouldn't ordinarily consider important enough to blog about. My high school friends and I used to do this all the time in our "online journals" (please join me in an eye-roll here) that we kept to keep up with each other once we left for college (never mind those archaic things called telephones) and it's actually quite fun.

I'm going to number them because I love lists.

  1. Tonight Matt's Dad very sweetly and thoughtfully sent home a plate of catered food from work for me and the baby "to eat if we get hungry at midnight." Unfortunately, there seems to not ever be a time when I am NOT hungry, and the mashed potatoes on said plate didn't make it past 10:30 (it would have been earlier except that we had just come home from picking up my Dad at the airport).

  2. Aforementioned mashed potatoes came after a dinner of mashed potatoes, gravy, and macaroni and cheese, and a snack of french fries. I kid you not. The Mexican food and Italian food cravings of last month have obviously been replaced by carb-loading. Despite how it may seem, it IS actually my goal NOT to gain 80 pounds during the course of this pregnancy.

  3. Speaking of pregnancy, we finally watched the movie Juno for fun. Despite the screenplay having been written by a former stripper and the movie having a blatent disregard for mentioning any of the pitfalls/downsides/life-changing difficulties of teenage unwed pregnancy, it did have some hilarious one-liners, such as when Juno (the main character) at 8 months pregnant, describes herself as a "cautionary whale." Funny stuff.

  4. Matt and I are just now starting to come down off the agony of a severe sunburn (as in, I was a bit concerned about possible sun poisoning Saturday night) on the lower back (Matt) and the shins (myself). It's all fun and games until you burst into tears because you bumped your shin on the edge of the coffee table (and I didn't even blame it on the pregnancy hormones. It really hurt that bad).

  5. It is currently 17 minutes past one in the morning, and I am at this very moment seriously considering eating some Doritos. Please see #2 above regarding my dinner consumption and not gaining 80 pounds. And no, I'm not sleepy yet. Rest assured that I will be at a completely random time though, like 2pm tomorrow.

  6. Someone sent us two entire boxes of Middle Eastern pastries in the mail today. I am elated to discover this is possible. I'm not sure what could be better than coming home to two boxes of pastry sitting and waiting for you on your front porch!

  7. I had lunch with Matt at the mall today and accidentally ordered a salad with feta cheese on it. Again. Two months into it, you'd think I'd remember by now that feta cheese is on my no-no list. Luckily, I have the most awesome husband of all time who was willing to take the bullet for his yet-to-be-born child. I got to eat his plain salad with Ranch dressing and was very happy about it (the baby apparently loves Ranch dressing-I've been eating it on everything).

  8. Sometimes it's really fun to read the blogs of people you barely knew in high school and have never spoken to or seen since then. Seems my stalker tendencies are still alive and kicking.

  9. Also while at the mall, I had my wedding rings cleaned and talked about pregnancy with the 8 months pregnant lady at Helzburg diamonds. I felt much better about the feta cheese upon hearing that she had her hair highlighted AND ate deli meats before she knew she was pregnant.

I guess 9 is good enough as now I am too tired to think of a 10th worth sharing... there you have my random little thoughts for the day! Now all of you who write blogs should want to stay up past midnight and write whatever you are thinking. (ps- speaking of food, and aren't I always? I am still dreaming about the tartar sauce from my previous post. I don't even want the shrimp, just the tartar sauce. Ok, I do want the shrimp, but mostly just as an excuse to eat the sauce).


Doug & Babs said...

This post almost made me pee myself, I laughed so hard!!! Such nostalgia to see a list, bringing me back to the joy of "Happy Lists" that we made quite beautifully & put on full display wherever we could -- bedroom walls, binders, notes between classes, etc.

And what, like our "online journals" did not give you ample drama during our college yeaers?? I give us & our buddies props to dragging out high school angst as long as possible. Kind of like girls who play with Barbies in middle school, but deny it (which I was totally one of those, too). I think this comment is about to turn into my own blog...

Sorry about the feta :( No soft cheeses, deli meat...sigh. At least onions are still allowed, right? I told Doug that I can never get pregnant if I have to give up onions.

Mary Lindsey and Chris said...

Lindsey, congrats to you and Matt on your little bean sprouting away :-) Oh the fun of being pregnant and wanting weird stuff! I'm sitting here with Harper zonked out on the couch next to me, and I still am amazed and in awe that I'm a mama. It is the best and most humble privilege! Look forward to more updates!