Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Mama

Ok, not trying to start posting daily or anything of late (I don't think I have the discipline nor an interesting enough life for that) but I did want to share another quick movie review of sorts. We celebrated our weekend off of work together by pulling a movie double feature: Expelled on Friday night and Baby Mama for a fun Saturday matinee. It was not quite as funny as I expected, since it had the classic problem of a movie where all the funniest parts have been shown in the trailer so the movie itself is a tad bit of a let-down... but it was overall pretty clean and had a happy ending. If you look up the trailer for it you'll see my favorite part: the main character's sister (who already has kids) is trying to leave their parents house when her 4 year old holds up an arm with a brown smudge:

Mom: "is that chocolate or is that poop? Is that chocolate or is that poop?"

(Mom licks child's arm)

Mom: "it's chocolate."

Sister: "what if that had been poop!?!"

I wouldn't say I necessarily recommend it, but it wasn't too bad for a mindless comedy (especially if you are an Amy Poehler fan, I think she's great). But if you're really looking for a fun family movie that has an awesome story line and cast, go for Stardust instead. We loved it and would compare it to the great classic, The Princess Bride. It's already on DVD and can also be found at Broglibuster! Just call us and come on over!

(PS- In case you were wondering, Broglibuster refers to the large shelving in our living room that holds our ridiculous and diverse DVD collection, all ripe for the borrowing)


Beth Anne said...

I think I still want to see Baby Mama!!

Speaking of which, your baby looks like a baby! When do you go in for an ultrasound?? :)

lindsey said...

I know, yay! We finally have fingers and toes and stuff! :) Insurance only pays for one ultrasound, so they do it around 18-22 weeks (sometime after the first week of July for us), but the good news is by then you can find out the gender! We do have an appointment tomorrow though, where we'll hear the heartbeat :)