Monday, May 26, 2008

I Have a Maker

In searching for cute baby clothes, I discovered a onesie with the lyrics to an old praise song that I remember from back in the day at my childhood church. I loved the onesie and really loved rediscovering this amazing song, in light of this special time in our lives. It's unbelievable to think of God creating little fingers, toes, and ears on a baby that is only 3 inches long and 13 weeks "old," not to mention all the intricate veins and life systems that sustain the baby not only while it's in my womb and can share some of my resources (so to speak!) but also that will last him or her the rest of his/her entire life! I found the song on youtube so that you could hear it:

In searching for the song, I also found this incredible montage of ultrasound and fetoscopy images corresponding to the verses of Psalm 139. Praise the Lord for a healthy little baby that is being fearfully and wonderfully made inside me while I barely feel a thing!

I guess pregnancy never seems more like a miracle than when it's happening to you, and you realize you have basically no control over anything your body is doing in relation to creating this second life inside you. I can't imagine how people can not believe in an omnipotent and creative Creator, the architect of every kind of life, and I especially cannot believe how anyone could justify abortion by saying that life doesn't begin until delivery! I think of our little bean jumping and flipping on that first ultrasound, fully and obviously a completely formed baby... how could anyone say that's not life?! These both made me cry (yay hormones) and I hope you enjoy them!


Alisa said...

Loved the videos!! I just imagined I was watching Baby B the whole time. I couldn't help but try to take a peak at gender parts. haha! (: I love "I Have a Maker." It's actually the song I always sing to Evan as I rock him to sleep. It's his own little lullaby. Love, love, love it!

Creech Family said...

OK, I cried too and it's not hormones (or at least not the baby ones :) !) - thanks! Also enjoyed "catching up" with your weekend - what fun! Hope now that you're on a better working schedule you guys can come visit us soon! Take care!