Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby News!

We had our first full appointment with the OB doctor today and we have lots of exciting news about Baby B!!! First things first, we are both super healthy and progressing "completely normally" which is always good to hear! We knew coming into this appointment that we would get to hear the heartbeat by doppler but probably not have an ultrasound, since they usually only do one throughout the pregnancy unless there is a medical reason to do more. Knowing that there's only one, people typically save it until 18-22 weeks when you can find out the gender.

Well... after the internal exam, the doctor said that my uterus (I promise I'll try not to go into too much detail here!) was larger than she expected for what week they had calculated me on (11 weeks). Usually this means either the pregnancy is on a different week than they thought, or that it is growing faster because of twins (eek). So we got to do an ultrasound to confirm the age!

Ladies and Gentlemen... here is our first view of Baby Brogli!!!!
I did a little convenience labeling (you can click the picture and it will reload bigger) since nothing is worse than being presented with an ultrasound you are supposed to be excited over and then having absolutely no clue what you're looking at and which lump is really an arm or a foot. The dotted line through the middle is where they measured the length. Although we had been a little disappointed to not have had an ultrasound before now, it was really cool that the baby actually looked like a baby instead of a little bean sprout. We heard the heartbeat, and they measured that as well. We are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with a healthy baby!

The doctor did an internal ultrasound first, and that one was incredible!!! The baby was flipping all around, punching, jumping around like a little jack in the box, and even held up his/her hand to wave to us. We could see incredible detail on that one, such as fingers, toes, and even the little ears! The kind of excitement you feel to see your baby in there for the first time and to feel the reassurance that not only can you see it in there, but it's moving around and happy and healthy is indescribable! It really brings new meaning to the verse about being 'knit together in my mother's womb.,' and it's amazing how God puts all the little pieces together when the baby is still just around 3 inches long!

The doctor couldn't quite get the angle she needed for measuring the length (which is how they figure out the week, or gestational age) so we got to go to the official ultrasonographer as well! We waited a few minutes to get in with her since we were butting in around people who were actually scheduled for an appointment with her (we got to sit there and listen to other people shout "it's a boy!" and stuff like that... so exciting!) and she did the normal belly ultrasound for us, which is the picture above. I wish we'd gotten a print out of the internal one because it was so much more detailed, but we are so happy to have finally seen Baby B! Only about six more weeks and we'll be going back in for our turn to be shouting "it's a boy" or "it's a girl!"

The really crazy part of it today: the change in weeks (from 11 to 12) means we are a week further along, which means our due date changes! We are no longer due December 8th friends, we are due November 30th!!! I'm super excited, of course, because this is one day after my birthday... a baby for my birthday! So, our countdown has changed to reflect the week, and we are now under 200 days to go... amazing!


Alisa said...

Baby B is beautiful!!! I am so excited to get to share the excitement with you! What a little miracle! Baby B is already busy spreading joy!!

Creech Family said...

Oooooohhhhhh!!! Pictures!!! I am sure it is the first of many, many to come over the years! And what fun to think he/she might be here for your birthday (hopefully not too much later than that anyway!). Take care of yourself, "Daddy B", and your little one. Love to all 3 of you!

lindsey said...

thanks aunt alisa! :)

faye, oh yes you know this will be a WELL photographed baby if "Daddy B" has anything to do with it :)

Beth Anne said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

It almost makes me cry a little bit, I love it so much already! Congratulations, Mommy & Daddy B on your sweet little bean :) I can't believe how far along you are already!!!

Alisa said...

It is time for monthly belly pics!