Saturday, May 17, 2008



Tonight we got the opportunity to go see "Expelled," a movie narrated by Ben Stein about the current status of Intelligent Design in the scientific world. It wasn't easy because I really wanted Lindsey to see it with me and between our mixed up work schedules and all of the good times that surround Lindsey's dad being in town these past two times, we had not taken the time to see it. So, tonight we finally got to see the movie and it was even better than I had hoped. The unique thing about the documentary was that aside from the presentation of the ideas themselves, the audience was allowed to watch the movie without facing any hypocrisy from the Intelligent Design side. They presented the facts, asked the questions, but not without admitting that they had a bias and so did the Evolutionary scientists. Lindsey and I both agreed that one of our favorite quotes from the documentary was when this wonderful ID professor proclaimed that "admitting our biases is the first step towards rational discussion, and I know I want that."

Obviously the scientists that were interviewed in the documentary had two opposing perspectives, but it was interesting to see how irrational some were while proclaiming the other side was the deluded one. The evolutionary scientists were discounting Intelligent Design because they associated it immediately with God and the Bible, not because it was an illogical theory. The ID professors merely wanted the professors to recognize that you cannot separate your own world view before working in the field of science, and that their own view that there is no God is tainting their work within science. The crazy views and interesting ideas that were presented throughout the film made this an excellent film that I wish all Christians would go see. The argument for God based off of Him being the "First Cause" of life/existence played a huge role in understanding the debate. I'd say "Go see this movie as quickly as your legs will carry you," but it is nearly too late. Due to the summer blockbusters coming out, the movie has quickly been replaced or removed from theaters. The Crossroads movie theater in Cary is the only one we could find within a 75 mile of Raleigh that was still showing it. It will soon be on video and I pray that each one of you will take the time to understand this issue that is eroding the minds of scientists, leading people to Atheism (as Richard Dawkins stated did for him), bringing about horrible conclusions when followed through (as was reported in the film), resulting in discriminatory job loss for ID-exploring scientists (who are not even necessarily believers), and ruining the concept of freedom of speech within the Academy and the educational system of the United States. Please watch it!

(PS- We will definitely be buying this movie for our own family collection as soon as it's available, so let us know if you miss it in the theaters... we'll let you "rent" it from Broglibuster!)

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