Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Healthy Baby Edwards!

We asked you all to pray last month for Matt's sister Leanne and her husband Sandy and their baby who is due in September... we wanted to update you guys that as of her OB appointment today, they said that the cysts at the base of the baby's brain (that the doctors were concerned were markers for Down Syndrome or Trisomy-18) have shrunken completely away! Thank you all so much for praying, and celebrating this great news with us! We are praying now that her symptoms of early labor will ease up, and that Mommy and Baby E will stay safe until full-term delivery in September! Praise God for answering our prayers, and for a Lord full of mercy that keeps us safe and healthy! Thank you all again for praying.


Tara said...

Praise the Lord! He does hear and answer our prayers. Congratulations!

Alisa said...

Praise the Lord!!!! God is good! What a testimony you have!

Creech Family said...

Praise! Praise!! What else can be said?! Please tell them we continue to pray for all of you -