Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small Ministry Search Update

***Update: We had another interview today with another member from Forest Park Baptist Church. It went really well and we will find out soon if we are 1 of the 3 they will be bringing in for a final interview in person. The interviewer, a kind man named Sonny, seemed to imply that we were in that three, but we will have to wait and see what God has in store for us and continue to pray for wisdom for everyone involved in all of these ministry searches. It was exciting to get another call so quickly though!***

It isn't much as far as news goes, but I was reminded today that we had not updated everyone concerning our search in a while. We recently had a second interview with Forest Park Baptist Church in Randleman, NC and we're excited about all the possibilities God is putting in our lives. There has been no word from Beaumont, Texas in the past few weeks and we continue to submit resumes, fill out questionnaires, and pray for God's guidance in our search for a ministry for our family. Thank you for your prayers in our search! God is great and will provide!


Beth Anne said...

Still praying!!! You'll end up where God intends, no matter what road or journey that is :)

Creech Family said...

We will keep praying for all three of you, and know that the place and the timing will all be in His Will.

Alisa said...

Woooo Hoooo!! Can we say NORTH CAROLINA!!!! Give me an N! O! R! T! get the idea. You have your own cheerleader standing with you! (: Sooooooooooo excited about the possibility of you staying close by. The babies need to grow up together!!!