Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prayer for the Edwards

Tomorrow at 7 am, my sister, Leanne Edwards, will be having another ultrasound on her baby (you read that right, she's pregnant...there's something in the water around here). The ultrasound they are doing tomorrow is to determine whether or not the baby she is carrying has Down Syndrome. On the last ultrasound, the doctor noted what looked like a pool of fluid in the babies head and thought that might be an indication of Down Syndrome and has scheduled an emergency ultrasound for tomorrow morning. Whatever comes of the ultrasound tomorrow, we will praise God because of the awesome gift of life. We do ask each of you to pray with us for Baby Edward's ultrasound to go well, for the baby to be healthy and disease free, for a continued safe pregnancy for all the pregnant mothers out there (the list grows by the minute!), and for ALL glory to go to God through all of this. We love you guys!


Tara said...

We will be praying! Please keep us updated with what they find out...and thank you for such a godly perspective despite scary circumstances!

Alisa said...

We are praying! What a great example you and your sister are to the rest of us. Your faith is inspiring. We love you!