Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cardboard testimonies

I borrowed this from the Creechs, but it was just too interesting and moving not to share! I consider one of the biggest lies Satan wants to tell us to be that we don't need Christ, we don't need a savior... that we have all the freedom, money, power, influence, and self-sufficience that we need, and if we think we need someone to save us, then we must be weak. But spend a moment thinking about all the things Christ has saved you from, either because you came out the other side through His grace or because you never fell into it to begin with. The folks on this video wrote them on cardboard, and stood behind them for everyone to see. God can make a million changes in a life that feels like a mess, all He asks is that we give it to Him and let it be His mess.

Matt and I would love to tell you who Christ is and all that he offers you if you don't know Him!


Creech Family said...

I thought this video was amazing, such a visual testimony to all that Christ can do/does for us each and every day!
I'll put a note on my calendar for 6/29 for your return to Randleman and we will pray before then, too.
Take care - come back down and see us again soon -

Alisa said...

Look at you preachin' and being all pastor-wifey! (: What would your cardboard sign say? The back side would now read: "Pastor's Wife." A-Mazing. (:

Lindsey said...

"rebellious child"... "pastor's wife!" :)

Mary Lindsey and Chris said...

what an AMAZING video!!!!! I sat here this morning just crying! Thank you for sharing that.

Also, I know you are quite crafty :-) after looking at your other website, and I wanted to pass on this website in case you wanted to make this for you to carry your little one around in once he/she (my guess is boy) is born.


I am getting ready to make one for Harper and wish I had found out about it before hand - when I had TIME! :-) Congrats and good luck on the sell of your house!

Anonymous said...

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