Saturday, June 14, 2008

One Hundred and Eleven

Today, I decided it was worthy of a little celebration to have reached our 111th day of pregnancy! We had two showings on the house this morning (yay!) so we grabbed Pontouf and took her with us out to the flea market for a little while. It was pretty hot, so we all needed a little bit of rest after we grabbed some lunch and finally got back home. We all stretched out on our nicely made up and ready to be shown bed, and I got to work on some crocheting, which is so deliciously expectant when you're pregnant. It's one of my favorite crafts for several reasons:
  1. It's really easy to take with you somewhere, ie: in the car on long trips.
  2. It's really easy to do while watching a movie, once you get in a flow enough to not really look at it while you're working.
  3. It's really easy to pick up and put down, and you can go months without having to finish whatever project you're working on (and I usually do).
***Disclaimer: We do not know the sex of the baby yet. This pink or blue specific crafting is all hypothetical and in preparation for the possibility of either boy or girl!!! Trust me, we will be shouting from mountaintops when we do know!***

So today I was excited to finish one little project and get halfway done with another! Halfway finished project one: a blue granny square baby blanket. I think it will need to be at least twice as big of a square to be the finished size.
Finished project number one: a flower baby hat that turned out even cuter than I expected! I think I'll have to make matching booties too... just in case, of course.
And now I feel like I'm being fair to our baby boy-or-girl-to-be by making one project of each! Happy 111th day, Baby B! Only errm.... 169 days to go!

(PS- If you're a big craft nerd like me and this stuff actually interests you, I write a lot more about it on my other blog!)


Alisa said...

Happy Father's Day Matt!!! Lindsey, such cute baby gear!! You'll have lots of time over the next few months in Randleman to finish your projects, huh? Perfect planning! (:

Creech Family said...

Hope the showings went well. And I'm still betting on a girl (I don't have a great record though :) !)