Friday, June 20, 2008

Healthy Baby B!

We just got back from our 16 week check up at the "baby doctor" and all is well! Baby B is healthy and happy with a strong little heartbeat! Nothing beats hearing that little swoosh swoosh swoosh, it totally makes my week! The doctor said I am healthy and right on track too, and that my blood pressure, stats, and weight (amazingly enough!) all look great! Praise the Lord for a healthy wee one!

The really exciting news is that at our next appointment on July 17th, "we get the big ultrasound" and can find out what's cooking in there... boy or girl! Yay! I can't even tell you how excited I am and we both can't wait for that one. When we move to Randleman/Asheboro, we'll be finding a new doctor's office, and will probably be planning to give birth at a hospital in Greensboro. Exciting stuff!

ps- Don't forget to check out the countdown... he/she is looking more and more like a baby every day... check out the curled up little legs! I love it!


Creech Family said...

What's the guess? You think girl, Brogli thinks boy or visa-versa? D & I used to "bet" that if it was a girl, I treated him to dinner, if a boy he treated me - like there was any diff!! I'm still sticking with girl (or did I say boy earlier?!). Thinking pink....

lindsey said...

we're actually both thinking (wishful?) that it's a boy... but of course, we'd be happy with a girl! i just don't want to get my hopes up about pink bows and mary janes until i know for sure :) hmm... i guess we'll owe each other dinner if it's a girl!