Monday, June 2, 2008


I now have a stomach I officially can't "suck in" anymore... a baby belly! (Apparently no amount of windex will make these mirror pictures look good... sorry!) I wasn't sure if I'd be showing at 14 weeks or not, but I think the verdict is in when I can't breathe with my pants buttoned anymore. After I eat a meal I'm also starting to feel like the food doesn't have as much room to fit anymore. I guess this means I have "popped!"

Also, in unrelated news, a little koala has mysteriously taken up residence among us:
I think we shall name her Pontouf and keep her.


Beth Anne said...

YAY for baby bellies!!!

Creech Family said...

You are too cute!! We have officially added a space to the fridge for the baby "picture" and everyone else who has popped in yesterday and today have given me a strange look before I quickly explain that it is not ours :) !!! well, we claim some right to HER anyway (that's my bet - a girl!). Hope your new job is going well and look forward to seeing you guys again soon. And let me know who I can help with a shower!!