Thursday, June 19, 2008

free pizza!

... and all it will take is you coming to help us move! Just joking! (sorta). Our house is officially under contract! We're taking the fact that it sold in under a week as a major confirmation that the Lord is definitely putting us on the move to the next place! We've got a list of several houses to go look at in the Randleman/Asheboro area this weekend, which is super exciting but overwhelming too. I had no idea it would all happen that fast! So, praise the Lord and pass the moving boxes!

All that to say, we don't know when exactly we will be moving. Our house will be sold (and we'll have to be out of it) by the second or third week of July, and depending on how quickly we can find and close on a new house will be when we actually move down to Randleman. In case it seems quick to you, yes, this is a much faster timetable than we had planned on! But, we definitely see it as a positive move and God providing in ways we couldn't have expected.

Don't worry, Touf, you're coming with us!


Creech Family said...

OK, I knew your house was for sale but goodness that is fast in this market! And I think I missed something - is Randleman for sure? I thought there was more interviewing, etc before they decided? Anyway, love to get things straight -
"Clueless in the Country"!!

Matt and Lindsey said...

There's still a vote before the church on the 29th, but we are trusting that God would not have called us there and had the personnel team, youth, youth parents, all that we met at the church Sunday morning, and the pastor all give us their approval if this was not indeed where God wanted us. Alot of prayer has still gone into this and there is still the possibility that they could vote no. We are trusting God that no matter what, He will put us in the right place. We believe that His answer is yes for Randleman. We'll definitely update everyone as to the final vote on the 29th's results.

Beth Anne said...

I love Touf in the box :) Too cute. Can't wait to see you tonight!