Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everything video

Lindsey and I saw this video on a friend of Jason and Alisa's blog and were melted by it. I'm normally not a huge fan of drama, but the fact of the matter is it often takes a visual representation of something so metaphysical to make it tangible to us. We know what God does for us on a daily basis because we see it in our lives and have read of it in His Word. We know that He sees us killing our souls as we fumble through the struggles of life apart from him, so I love the video's representation of Christ's response to our sin when we reach out for him that much more. Our Father always reaches us!

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C. said...

Hey bro. that is a cool vid. we actually did that skit at my church with the youth. oh, and while you are on Godtube, check out "Baby got book". You'll like it! -C.