Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's starting to feel real...

Our house will officially be on the market at the end of this week (Friday)... and it's all starting to feel real! We've put a LOT of work into the house the past several days to make it as lovely and appealing as possible. We've not only done the usual top to bottom super-clean like you wouldn't believe, but also all the little touch-ups and fix-its and projects that always end up on the "meaning to do that" list. As a result, our house is about the prettiest I've ever seen it! It's hard not to want to just sit around and enjoy how nice it looks, because I'm constantly worrying about dropping crumbs or smudging the nice clean countertops.
the kitchen
(aka: painting central- we painted all the walls twice and painted and stained all the cabinets)
the living room
(aka: movie central- check out that wall 'o dvds!)
the backyard
(aka: pontouf central- we built the fence ourselves so that she could run free, and we built and painted that picnic table together from a pre-made kit)

Just to reminisce on you for a minute... I remember bringing all the gifts we got from our wedding shower over so that they'd be here when I moved in (Matt was already living here at the time) and then after we got married we sat on the couch and opened all the cards people sent us together. And Matt has even more memories here than we do together... he lived here for several years with a couple of roommates while he was in college! That's been almost nine years ago, believe it or not. Some other fun memories:

-the "L shaped" couch
-the ugly $10 yard sale couch
-our first Christmas tree together and the huge green stain it left! (that took about a metric ton of carpet cleaner to remove)
-taking the cabinets apart and spreading them all throughout the house to paint them
-putting the computer study and the craft studio to make the "study-o"
-painting all. the. woodwork. in. the. WHOLE. house.
-when pontouf was potty training and jumped in the bathtub to poop
-having a pizza picnic for dinner on the living room floor when the house was empty when we were moving in

Thank you Lord for the blessing of our first house together! We will miss you Wake Forest house!


C. said...

I have a few other memories to add to that, if I may. 36 inches of snow that provided our super sled route that started at the top of the porch and went down the yard and down the street to the bottom of the cul-de-sac! Yes, the L couch. Brogli throwing himself down the stairs because he saw it on "jacktail" or "fight club" or some show. Jerms getting a wild hair to clean and pulling the fridge out to discover years (I'm talking like 14) of dirt and build-up. The punching bag out back. The countless hours of xbox and PS2 (Brogli was a gold member in a month at Blockbuster). The ugly yellow psychiatrists couch in Brogli's room. Our feud with Miss Dunemon (the neighbor). And all the girls that Brogli was constantly bringing over (Just kidding Lindsey! LOL!) We actually were pretty pathetic in that department! I can count on one hand the total number of females that we had in the house, including our moms! I wish you guys the best in selling it. It's sad for me, too!

C. said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. Jerms and I changing the faucet in the kitchen. After we got it hooked up, we heard something that sounded like water running. We thought it might have been the washer, but neither of us were washing clothes. About that time, the cabinet below the sink flew open and about 10 inches of HOT water poured out on Jerms and my bare legs (we were wearing shorts) The hot water line had broken and was spewing under the sink. We kept trying to get it turned off but everytime got scalded by the water. We finally got a towel to shield ourselves long enough to turn it off. We spent the next hour mopping and going back to the hardware store for a new line! Ah, good times had by all!

Beth Anne said...

It's all becoming reality!!!! I cannot believe y'all are moving & selling your house!!!

It looks great, though. I'm sure it will go quickly!

Brian, Mandy, and Kate said...

AND--spending my first evening with Brian on the floor in front of the "L" couch playing cards. And we didn't want to get married!? HA! I'm pretty grateful for that house, and the people who have lived in it the last few years. We're so excited for you guys!