Saturday, June 28, 2008

Le Belly

Ok, yes, I know this is probably the worst photo quality you've ever seen. And if I had the ability to be patient for just a few more hours until Matt got home to take it for me, I'd probably have a decent one. But... since I'm finally starting to look a little more pregnant and a little less 'lay off the cheese fries' here is a belly pic of the start of week 18, aka July is month #5! I can't believe it's all going by this fast.
These mirror-self-photos are aggravating and nearly impossible to take... even if you're not pregnant you should try it just to see. Don't you love all the moving boxes behind me? Those are for all the books on the bookshelf that will be taking up a new residence in Randleman (well, as will all of our stuff really).

If you get a minute while thinking babies, you should also check out what I keep referring to as "the fruit slideshow." It shows the growth of a baby in utero from a seed (poppyseed, I think?) to a small watermelon. Right now at week 18 we've grown from a large turnip to a large tomato! It's fun to scroll through, though admittedly a little scary when you start talking pumpkins and watermelons. There's also one done by a medical illustrator that is pretty interesting, if you're into seeing everything in that much detail. Enjoy!


Alisa said...

YAY BELLY!! You totally have one!!! (: I can't WAIT to see it in person! Woo hoo!

Beth Anne said...

Look at your SO CUTE baby belly!!!!!!! I could just eat you with a spoon, you look so presh.

Creech Family said...

The belly is cute but even better is your smile about "Baby B!!" You are going to be such a precious mother and Matt such a doting Dad that Baby B will be very blessed! Have a great Fourth!

lindsey said...

thanks ladies! i totally put this picture up here for the three of you :)

Alisa said...

Well, then, KEEP THEM COMING!!! Your like halfway through and we've only gotten to see two belly pics....shame,shame. (:

lindsey said...

I'll definitely start doing belly pics more often from here, since I'll be getting much bigger and we won't see you as often after we move.

remind me when I'm 9mo along and HUGE how desperate I was to start "showing"! :)