Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas Flashback.

I started making a photo album this year for us of all the Christmas cards we've sent over the years. I thought it would be fun for our kids (and us!) to flip through it each year and see how much they've grown up and where we were living change. In putting the cards in, I realized we haven't been sending out cards for very long! So for some pages, especially the early years, I just put in a family picture of us. Here are the Broglis through the Christmas years!

Living in Wake Forest, Kenna at 2 years old, and expecting baby brother!

Moved back to Wake Forest, Kenna was 13 months old.

We visited home from Asheboro, NC with 4 week old Kenna!

Hard to get a good smile this year- Mom died just 10 days after Christmas. This is the photo we sent out (from right before Mom got sick), but the second one is really more how we felt at the time.

The first year Pontouf joined our family pictures!

We had just celebrated our 1st anniversary- newlywed days!

This was in the pre-digital-camera days for us, so I really had to search for this picture- I think this was actually closer to Thanksgiving. Our first married Christmas!

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