Friday, December 17, 2010

Kenna's 2nd Birthday!

The day we got back from our Grannie Camp trip in Florida was Kenna's second birthday! Matt wanted to spend the day doing all of her favorite things before he had to leave for work after lunch. Breakfast was her own little bag of doughnut holes on the way to a new park, perfect since it was an unseasonably warm day!
She had a great time exploring on the slide and trying out those bouncy animal thingys:
We decided this park was a little above her level and since it didn't have any swings (her favorite!), we went back to our old faithful- Baileywick Park. I'm convinced it's pretty much the best one in town!
Birthday Girl! She had a blast on the swings and trying out some really big kid slides for a good long time. Then we headed to get "chicken" for lunch... Chick Fil A!
Daddy spoiled this girl rotten with her very own pink strawberry milkshake for dessert!
Before he had to leave for work, Daddy also put together this toy he especially picked out for her that we were blessed to be able to get for her thanks to the awesome ministry of Bayleaf's Toy Chest! A shopping cart with a car on the front, just like the big one she rides in at Harris Teeter:
Later in the evening, Dad and Jana came over with a gift for her: a baby doll that uses the potty! Kenna was very excited to have a new baby doll to take "to the store" with her in her new "car." Thank you, Papa and Mimi!
They also took us out to Panera for dinner with Uncle Jason, Aunt Alisa, Evan and Emmie! The kids were having so much fun together that I barely got a single picture. Kenna got to open one more present from her cousins- a new tea set just like Emmie's!

It took us until that weekend to get a party together for her- we had debated on whether or not to even have one since it was so close to Thanksgiving. But I had bought a few decorations for a candy shop-themed birthday, and we got it all put together just in time! If you'd like to see lots of details about the party decorations, check out my crafty blog!

Her birthday outfit of choice: a perfectly candy-themed shirt from Nana B, her tutu from last year, and Mommy's little red boots.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of our happy birthday girl at her party:
Funny how the women and the men seem to gather in a group!
We are so thankful that some of Kenna's bestest friends are her cousins- what a blessing to live close by to them! Five kids (plus one in March!) is a built-in party any time we get together!
The only picture there was of all 5 kiddos: this is one busy bunch! (And love that Nana B. is right in the middle!)

Happy Birthday, precious little one! We love you so much!

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Tara said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday for Kenna filled with all the people, things, and gifts that she loves!!!