Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Day-After Christmas!

It's a rare thing in North Carolina to get a white Christmas- so we definitely all got excited about the 8 inches we got on the day after Christmas this year!
This little snow bunny was barely out of bed before she was ready to hit the slopes:
So we bundled up and ventured out to go to the grocery store. Kenna was not so crazy about the fact that she couldn't walk in it very well- good thing Daddy was there to help.
Daddy taught his little girl how to make a snowman, which she has been obsessed with from seeing them in decorations in the neighborhood all month!
However, just like her Momma, Kenna is not so crazy about being in the snow for more than 30 minutes or so- after awhile we watched Daddy finish up the snowman from the warmth of just inside the porch door. Now we can see our happy little snowman whenever we want without going outside!
Then Kenna wanted to give her snow friend a bedtime kiss.
We've spent all day today being "snowed in" with snacks and movies. Happy snow day!

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Tara said...

So sweet that she is kissing her snowman!!!