Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas-y Things!

It's really fun for Kenna to be at the age she is this year at Christmas- able to recognize the big blow-up Santas and snowmen in people's yards, enjoying the twinkly lights on people's houses, able to play with the snow, and able to start truly participating in the fun things that happen around Christmas. We've been super on-the-go and busy the past few weeks, but I've gotten some really cute photos of her enjoying some of the traditional Christmas things that make this time of year magical, especially to little kids!

Daddy taught her how to catch snowflakes on her tongue during our one big snow day in early December:
Keeping Daddy's shoulders warm in the very cold almost-snow rain during our town's local Christmas parade:
Matt's parents kept her while we were at a class at church one Sunday night, and when we got home she was helping decorate the tree and Nana B. had taught her how to say "ho ho ho!" and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever:
Playing with her very own Little People Nativity, and learning about baby Jesus:
Several viewings of the Christmas classic Rudolph movie (or as she says "watch snowman show").
Licking the beater of homemade buttercream icing on the 4 dozen cookies Mommy made in one afternoon!
Mommy's little trooper on one more trip to the grocery store:

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Alisa said...

ohmygoodness!!! that last picture is priceless!! Absolutely made my day! We love that little booger. ;)