Friday, December 10, 2010

Shutterfly for Christmas!

We use Shutterfly so much, I was surprised when I did a search on our blog I couldn't find a single post about it! What I love them best for is their quickie photo books. I absolutely love the way they turn out, how quick they are to put together (as long as you have a little uninterrupted time), and they offer lots of coupon and promo codes. For example, I've gotten a free photobook from saving up my Pampers points (which accumulate quickly with all the diapers around here) and I've even had a free one and a 50% off one print out from the checkout at Harris Teeter.

Thanks to the ease of Shutterfly, I am caught up with Kenna's baby books up to her first year, including a little flip book of all her "firsts." Kenna loves to sit and look at the books- she loves pictures of herself and her family! I've also used them to make a photo memory book of my mom and several Christmas cards over the years. They also have other holiday cards and some really cute birthday cards that I'd love to use for invitations sometime if I can get my act together in time.
The exciting thing is that this year they are offering a special promotion for people with any kind of blog. I think a card with a family photo (or your kid's photo if it's a birthday card, etc.) is such a sweet way to keep in contact with family, and also to look back at over the years. You could even upload each year's Christmas card into a little book so that the kids can flip back through when they get bigger (I'm currently working on making one of these!). It's also crazy easy, once you've made a photobook, to order more copies of it which make perfect Christmas gifts, especially for grandmas who never tire of grandkid pictures!

For this year, I really like this one because there is space for sort of a mini Christmas letter off to the side:
And this one because you could use so many pictures! (That was an especially useful feature the year Kenna was born in November, so we combined her birth announcement with our Christmas card- LOTS of photos we wanted to use!)
So if you're a blogger and would like to try out Shutterfly's products for free (and get a headstart on your Christmas cards for free!) check out this promotion, it's easy as pie. We love Shutterfly!

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