Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grannie Camp: the Beach!

(Yes, I am still catching up on our blog posts from November- the rest of our trip to my grandparents' house, Thanksgiving, and two birthdays!)

The weather was just warm enough to enjoy walks on the beach during the day and after dark! That's another big plus about grandparents- parents are encouraged to take romantic walks on the beach while the kiddo sleeps! Leaving through the back gate:
Grannie was so sweet to rent a really nice jogging stroller while we were there and this is how it got used most:
It was beautiful, sunny beach weather! We enjoyed the sand even though the water was freezing. Kenna loves the beach and we had so much fun taking some really sweet pictures of our family, and some of my all-time favorites of Kenna!
We loved seeing Kenna play on the beach, and especially chasing the seagulls. She kept saying "hug bird" over and over- she is such an animal lover already. She was so sad when she couldn't catch one!
"Bird" was a new word for her, as was "shell" which she discovered plenty of to explore in behind Pop Pop's big chair.
Later in the day we went for lunch at a restaurant called the Palm Pavilion which is right on the beach with a big porch overlooking the water! When I was little, it was a place that you would walk in right off the beach, still in your bathing suit, and sit at the "bar" and have a coke and a burger. Over the years it has become much fancier with nice seafood and very few people wearing bathing suits. But the burgers were still delicious!

One afternoon we drove out across the bridge to the town of Dunedin, which is kind of like a little mountain town right beside an ocean. Matt and I both thought it reminded us of Boone. The whole main street was closed off for the weekend for a craft show and street festival which we walked through and did a little early Christmas shopping. Matt took this completely precious picture of Kenna that shows not only her little stage of learning by imitation, but how immediately she took to Grannie and just loves being around her:
Our fearless one had to stop and meet every dog she saw.
We walked around and bought a few early Christmas presents. And of course, an ice cream stop was necessary!
We had to laugh when we saw this booth at the very end. Grannie didn't know she was active on the craft show circuit! The fine print says "for the discriminating Grannie- too funny!
Ready for more adventures!

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