Monday, December 6, 2010

Grannie Camp: The Florida Aquarium

I can't imagine anything being more perfect for Kenna at this stage than a big huge aquarium. You could practically chronicle the trip according to the new words she learned: beach, fish, shell, boat, and bird! The pictures all pretty much speak for themselves: we had such a good time!

The fearless troops waiting for their leader (in the backyard at Grannie's):
Grannie, Matt and I had so much fun watching her enjoy everything the aquarium had to offer (and enjoying it ourselves!) and Matt and I also fell in love with our camera again, with so many fun things to take pictures of!

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa
...leaning over the sting ray touch tank! Kenna couldn't quite lean far enough to touch them without feeling like she was falling in, but she wanted to.
Lots of really, really big fish!
She was not so crazy about the fish tanks you can walk across (neither was Mommy!). She was making these hilarious freaked-out faces and scootching as closely to the wall as she could possibly get, so what did I do instead of comforting my child? Whip out the camera quickly, of course!
Resting a minute in the big chairs with Grannie.
I love Matt and Grannie's matching faces:
And my absolute favorite was when she saw the ducks. These ducks were the most calm, tame, friendly animals you can imagine, even though we were only about a foot away from them! Kenna kept shouting "hi duck!" and "bath!" and loved watching them dip and swim in the water.

We even met a little penguin on the way out the door!
We stayed all morning until after lunchtime. You know it's a fun time when this happens on the way home:
What a good time seeing all the "psssssh!" (fish!)

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