Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bathing Beauties!

A few nights ago we let Finn join his sister in her big bath! I guess it isn't technically right to call a boy a "beauty" but he was pretty stinking cute and they had a ball together. Kenna loved the company and someone else to splash... Finn looked like he was not quite sure what to think, but as usual, was his happy, good-natured little self!
Anyone who has known Matt since his YMCA days especially knows what a lighthearted and fun-loving a personality he has, so these next few pictures won't surprise you! He decided Kenna needed even more extra company in her bath!
I love seeing how those personality aspects have carried over to his parenting... there are so many times that I'm doing the mom thing and thinking about cleaning up the mess after or not wanting to be too silly/too wild/too whatever that I unintentionally stifle a little bit of the fun. I'm so glad that Matt balances out that part of me because Kenna absolutely loves lots of wild sillies with her Daddy and just completely glows in his attention!
I love that he is such a hands-on (or bath-in if you will) dad to our wild ones and can only imagine how much better it will get as Finn gets bigger and more able to get in on the action. Oh my crazy family- I love you so much!

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Tara said...

These pictures made me smile! Good thing you have a big bathtub!