Friday, September 23, 2011

Sink Baths!

Kenna has obviously seen me do this to her little brother quite a bit:
because this is how I found two of her babies, two different times this week:
Like Momma, like Kenna. It's pretty sweet (and a little scary) to see how much my big girl imitates me. Anything Momma is doing is something to be joined in with me and then emulated later on her own. I'm learning quickly that my kids will probably remember very little of what I say, but the things they observe me doing are becoming part of who they are. It's so amazing to be such a big part of their learning and growth, but also a sharp conviction to me that I need to be constantly at work being the kind of person I want them to become.

And speaking of sweet, this little man is almost too big for his bath in the bathroom sink anymore! It's almost time for kitchen sink baths (where he can sit up but still be mostly contained) and he has even sat in Kenna's big bath a handful of times now (with lots of help!)
I love his silly grunts and growls and little boy noises, and little thoughtful faces. And I'm SO thankful for that fatter, healthy little belly in the bath! Such a sweet boy!

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Tara said...

So true about how kids imitate what they see. A realization that often humbles, convicts, and challenges me...and makes me drop to my knees :) Love ya!