Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beck's Birthday!

This year, celebrating Beckley's birthday provided us with our first trip to Marbles Kids' Museum, a great museum in downtown Raleigh that we've wanted to visit for awhile! We've heard everyone with kids Kenna's age talk about how amazing this museum is and what a fun experience for the kiddos. Unfortunately, Matt had a weekend class, but Kenna, Finn & I packed up and headed for a fun day downtown celebrating Beck's big day!

We started with cake and muffins at 10 am- what better way to start the day?! Happy 3rd birthday, Beckley!
Marbles was everything people had said and more. Kenna had a blast checking out all the kid-sized real-life play spaces, such as the pirate ship, grocery store checkout, veterinarian, and bank!
Her absolute favorite was the Wake Med sponsored mini-ambulance! I poked my head in the back several times to see her on the kid-sized stretcher, defibrillating the hearts of other kids and even herself! Actually, I was pretty amazed that she even knew that the defibrillator went on her chest, I'm not sure where she would have seen that anywhere else.
She was also very familiar with how to swaddle up the babies in their little kiddo-sized hospital buckets thanks to visiting the hospital when Finn was born!
Speaking of whom, Finn made it super easy on me by napping in the stroller the entire time we were there!
Papa just happened to be in town and was taking Evan on a special Papa/Evan trip to Marbles, so we met up with them to play for a little while in the Home Depot building area, and the matchbox car area!
What a great time! We can't wait to take Daddy to see Marbles, and it will be extra fun when Finn is big enough to play... and a very happy birthday to our Beckley boy!

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