Sunday, September 18, 2011

Starting Solids!

We started solids with Finn around 5 and a half months after the green light from our pediatrician. He's a hungry, growing boy and took to them pretty much right away! He has been a little finicky about textures, and only likes the really smooth purees like bananas or sweet potatoes. He also really loves YoBaby yogurt which is what I first started Kenna on at around the same age. It comes in banana and vanilla flavors, and is a delicious organic whole milk yogurt. I even sneak one sometimes as a treat!

They also now make YoBaby yogurt "meals" which is the same delicious yogurt cup but with a veggie puree not on the bottom. I buy extras of these whenever they're on sale because Kenna loves them, and they're an easy way to sneak in an extra veggie!

The first few tastes (we started with applesauce) were very entertaining:
Some went in, some came right back out. An old trick: if you let him hold an extra spoon, he won't reach for the food and knock it over/hit the spoon/make a huge-er mess than it already is.
But it was not all bad!
And now, at six months, he is a great eater who will tear into some baby food! His favorites right now are squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, any kind of applesauce, and he completely hates peas. He won't even eat them if I try to disguise them with something else.

He does this hilarious gag face/shiver when he doesn't like something. This is the closest I could get to a picture of it, I'll have to try to get a video:
Such a happy, healthy eater!

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