Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fun Little Firsts.

This week little Mr. big boy hit some fun little mini-milestones such as sitting up in the big high chair and snacking on his baby banana puffs and strawberry yogurt drops (which Kenna calls "flowers" and "strawbedees"). She loves to feed them to Finn and will sneak a few for herself as well.
He also wants to crawl in the worst way, and has been getting pretty frustrated that he's not quite there. Every time he's on the floor playing toys now, he's up on all fours and rocking around- getting the general idea but not yet sure quite how to put it all together for forward motion.

After seeing Matt and I paint a piece of furniture over Labor Day weekend (our bedside tables) and seeing me painting a pile of hairbow holders for my upcoming craft show, Kenna has been asking constantly to paint! So on a quick run to Wal-Mart I remembered to grab a set of Crayola washable paints for her, and she was so thrilled! We set her up a little corner in the basement while we painted the furniture, stripped her down to her diaper, and let her have at it. She kept running over to us and saying "I'm just painting, guys!" which was pretty funny.
(Look at those curls- can you tell it was a rainy day? She looks like I hot rolled them!)
Such a big girl! I think she inherited the crafty bug and I see lots of fun in our future!

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Tara said...

What fun big moments!!!