Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Visitor!

A few days ago, I was putting the kids down for a nap and just as Matt was headed out the door to class, he told me there was a little green frog near our front porch, and that I should show it to Kenna when she woke up. Well, I forgot all about it and when we let the dog out this morning, the little frog was back!
This time, Kenna got to see it, and spent all morning checking on the "turtle" (we kept reminding her it was a frog and eventually she remembered to call it the "fwog"). She was equal parts fascinated and terrified by this cute little bright green tree frog, asking us over and over if we wanted to go see the "yittle fwog."
When Daddy got home and decided to touch/hold the frog (after Mommy spent all morning trying to teach the difference between animals you touch (pets) and animals you do not touch (wild) hah!) Kenna was so excited. She did not want to be too close to the frog, and did NOT want to touch it herself, but she didn't want to leave it on its own, either.


(And those two pictures are within about 10 seconds of each other.)

The frog was nice enough to sit on the window for a little while so that we could observe him from indoors, and even check out his little belly and cool little 'hands'!
Here's a quick video of Kenna and her little friend- don't miss the part where she calls him "berry yucky" at the beginning. Hilarious.

(PS- sorry it's sideways, I always forget that you have to film it the other way in the camera or else it's stuck like that forever. Grrr. Let me know if anyone knows how to change the orientation!)


Tara said...

We have a little frog that comes to our back door every night! I love him and think its so amazing the way God created their "fingers" with suction cups!

Matt and Lindsey said...

isn't it cool? i love that he "stuck" to our window so that kenna could really look at him without scaring him away :) God's creation is so creative!

David Gregg said...

Fairly certain you can rotate the video within Windows Live Movie Maker.